Mount McCausland Hike

In an effort to get in a few more hikes before snowshoe season, the Voyage team hosted a Photo Hike at Mount McCausland this October. Although the trail was completely covered in portions, the sun was out and conditions were perfect for both hiking and photos.

The Mount McCausland trailhead is about 15 minutes beyond Stevens Pass, where several feet of snow was already piling up along the sides of the trail. Despite it being a 7.5-mile hike, the crew absolutely demolished the difficult terrain and was rewarded with the gorgeous view of a hidden lake at the end of the trail. During our lunch break at the lake, we were bombarded by birds which we presented the team with great photo opportunities. Everyone got their turn to take a Snow White photo with the birds.

While we made light work of the trail, we had a heavy turn out with phenomenal photos. After a photo hike, Voyage always sets up a photo drop so everyone can share their images and get pictures of themselves. This experience allowed us all to meet new people in our growing community and create lasting memories of our hike on a beautiful snowy day.

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- Matthew Tallorin